Kevin Flum

"Catch a Vibe"

I'm just tryna catch a vibe, you should catch the same one
I'm just with my day ones, yeah, yeah, yeah
Smoking drinking, making moves
You know how the story goes
She like the way I roll, yeah, yeah, yeah

Verse 1 (Kevin Flum)
And I don't wanna talk bout sh*t
And you know really really bout that sh*t
Rollin up weed at a red light
I'm just tryna get my head right
Old b*tch really wanna see me
Wind up in the dirt off deadline
I know, I got just what it takes
Ducking dodging then I chop the head off of the snakes
And all I know is go, I don't know how to take a break
And if you talkin sh*t on me, I hope you wind up in a lake
I go harder than you
And I'm just startin it too
And I'm just flippin through papers
Can't make up my mind like a muttering fool
So I'ma just keep going til the wheels fall off
And if you talk more than you work than you will fall off
I'm gone


Verse 2 (Casey Reynolds)
I'm just tryna do what I've been plotting my whole life
Guess these people came around, I've been grinding over time
I really got a glow up bout me, you don't get em like me
I've been doing me, so I X and laugh when they try to overlook me
Got a baddie, why was she gettin roddy
Oh man I'm blessed, I guess these X can't f*cking stand me
God damn, got me f*cked up
When she f*cks, when I hit that, she gets lovey
I've been in my mind so long about these days I'm overcoming
I take a sip and I coast
I've been doubted on, so I boast
I've been laughed at, till I snapped back
Then I made it happen my own
I've been doing what I can. I cannot lie
I've been tryna catch a vibe
Rockstar living. Gotta do it til I die


Said she like the way I roll, yeah, yeah, yeah
Said she like the way I roll, yeah, yeah, yeah

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