I’m Addicted lyrics


Kyle Richh

[Intro: Jenn Carter]
Grrah-grrah, boom

[Verse 1: Jenn Carter]
How you boomin' for Notti but n*ggas don't jack you? (Jack you)
Now that boy in the air like a statue (Like, what? Statue)
And these n*ggas, they talk on the net, they don't @ you (At you)
I do most of this sh*t 'cause I have to (Have to)
Beam on the Glock (Grrah-grrah, what?), party won't stop (Grrah-grrah, boom)
b*tch on my body, she totin' the knocks
If I call her, she settin' the drop (Grrt-grrt, baow)
n*ggas cannot relate
Like, sh*t I been through, I cannot escape (Cannot escape, like)
I can't lack for a hint
Pole on my waist, so I know that I'm safe (Know that I'm safe, like)
I wanna spin, but they told me, "Don't, wait"
I'ma triple my six (Grrah-grrah), so I feel like a saint, grrah (Grrah-grrah, boom)
No, you can't come around
She like, "Jenny, I'm lovin' ya' sound 🥰" (Lovin' ya' sound, likе)

[Verse 2: Kyle Richh]
She off—She off the Hеnny, she touchin' the ground (Like, what?)
Ass fat, (Beat it down)
I can't f*ck, it's too mixy, ya' can't get around
He get shot if he try to get jiggy
4—4s on top, n*gga, we got the city (Like, damn)
No cap, I be wantin' a milli' (Grrah-grrah-grrah)
Like—Like, I'm wit' Iffy, know bro got the sitchy (Like, what?)
sh*t get sticky if I can't get the icky (Grrah-grrah-grrah)
She got th—She got the jatt, lemme see, 360 (Like, what?)
b*tches see me and start gettin' wet (Damn-damn-damn, like, what?)
Like, letter V, I'm fly like a jet (Fly like, damn)
These—These n*ggas shot, they done got me upset (Like, what?)
Don't—Don't do the Whitney, just pop me a Perc' (Like, what? Like, what?)
Like, I'm tryna see how you twerk (Like, what?)
Tryn—Tryna see how it work (Like, what?)
She fell in love wit' the way that I flirt (Grrah-grrah-grrah)
[Verse 3: Jerry West]
Ay—Ayo, she put the V in the reverse
Notti a dummy, he dead in the dirt
I'm a star and that b*tch is a thot and she wanna be wit' me, it's never gon' work
Dotti a di*k and dead off a Perc'
I'm in motion, these b*tches don't get it
Can never cuff a thot, the money come first
You my b*tch, put the grip in ya' purse
He died 'cause he put 41 in his verse
How you broke and you dissin'? sh*t get on my nerves
41 got the city on lock
I can't wait 'til I run into Block'
You my b*tch, they not takin' ya' spot
Free James, he still come from the Rock
PTSD, so I clutch on my knocks
If the Jakes on my body, the V never stop (Stop)
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