Woodstock (Christmas Version) lyrics



[Verse 1]
Remember the night I first sucked your c*ck
We were at Woodstock
Getting high on acid
While I got finger blasted
Yeah your 12 inch c*ck was flaccid

[Verse 2]
In the background was Janis Joplin
When you stuck your c*ck in
She sang me and Bobby Mcgee
While your di*k was in my pus*y

The condom ripped
I should’ve got my pus*y licked
Because now I have a baby
And only my pimps pay me
Don’t fear me I am only a lady

Getting pregnant at Woodstock
It started when I sucked your c*ck
Should’ve got finger blasted
Wish I never took that acid
Yeah your 12-inch c*ck used to be flaccid
Now it’s hard and throbbing
And I’m a prozzy
This isn’t a nee story
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