Trophy Hunter lyrics



Every right choice i’ve made has never been so wrong
Turned around to face the knife, I refuse to play along
The game is over, your jig is up
I’m walking away it’s your mess to clean up
Time you turned a new leaf over, the fire has burned but I still smoulder
Vile creatures that may be ready to hunt you down—
Always an unmarked price on your head, someone with a knife made for your back
Vile people ready to hunt you down
There’s always a price but what possesses
sh*t ya always choose to obsess with
My lack of judgement let you back into my life
Scrutinized your every move, it was then i felt all the hate that I hold
I’ll patiently wait every single day to make sure one day you’ll feel my rage
I played the nice guy, you played me a fool
Now it’s time for me to come after you
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