Punishment Phase lyrics



[Verse: K-Rino]

You should've knew this day was gonna come
Or should I say this moment

I don't miss, manage, panic, or lose
Kick you across the Atlantic with a pair of hand crafted mechanical shoes
My manic moves left understanding confused
My appetite so gigantic and huge I use whole planets for food
Beef with me you'll be receiving a wreath
Me? I can let you see a preview of your ghost before your even deceased
I open up my book and read through the sheets
Then grab a belt and beat thе whole city to sleep so I can read them in pеace
See, I got special ways to send you to the necro stage
You'll scream with so much stress and rage, It'll be a whole decade before the echo fades
I'll slay you with a exposé
Then spit wave of pepper spray, that will have your entire bigrade skating in retrograde
My lines are dealt in crushing flurries
I'll make time itself rush off in such a hurry that midnight will strike at 7:30
My talent surge flows through the universe and travels earthly
That's why my words be quoted by persons who haven't heard me
My chapters close the language gap
I rearrange the continents in such a heinous act they'll have to change the map
To claim you rap, was a dangerous trap
Cause I'm gonna make your brain collapse, and in seconds you'll be giving an angel dap
My deepest bars don't get completed often, partly cause my writing sheets are so large that it takes me weeks to reach the margins
My speech enforcements can be exhausting
My voice has elite compartments
Once it starts it sounds like 40 people talking
The prognosis will prove dismal
As soon as my musical moves hit you the bruise will feel like a mule kicked you
You must have a confused signal, cause you against me is a used .22 pistol V.S. a cruise missile
My letter usage is beautiful
When I'm threatened my pages turn into an immovable bullet proof cubical
An undisputed truce irrefutable
So when I get through brutally pruning you it will look like a slew a crew of you
From the deep philosophical, to complete the impossible
I speak topics so hot that they rush the beat to the hospital
When I work I need solitude
So I remove everything out the room
Even the oxygen and the molecules
You never had enough to last
I'm grammatically upper-class
Snatch your future and stuff it up in a duffle bag
Spaz and let you suffer like like succotash
Have you running so fast through a pasture the speed of your feet will cut the grass
The fires felt until you fry and melt
Your family tried to help and failed, now your body got to identify itself
I promenade across your stomach hard
My presence is becoming large
So even solo I look like an entourage
And its amazing all that I'm taking part in engrave my words so hard into the paper that a razor couldn't scrap them off
My favorite pen is made of brass
It's so great I placed it in a sacred stash
Cased in glass
Guarded by 8 giraffes
By any means cling to me cause I can fiendishly swipe my hand through the air and extinguish actual scenery
I stop down with a thunderish sound
When no one is around, I dig holes and bury space up under the ground
When potential is met none venture to mention my name
I can sense and detect
1/10th of a temperature change
I give one warning
Set boom!
Then drop a line from Neptune that leaves a chest wound the size of a restroom
You want to wrestle with the best?
Then lets go!
I'm so anatomically blessed though that pain has a K-Rino threshold
The debaters will try all ways
But my senses are so amazing that I can hear your eyebrows raise
The rappers seeing me approach them is the scariest vision
My first word as a baby was totalitarianism
To wind I'm sending caution
I'll start injuring with talking
You'll have to sleep with one eye open even when your in your coffin
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