Dolla Fo’ Dolla lyrics



[Intro: Yo Gotti]
Yeah n*gga, it's whatever
Yeah b*tch, it's whatever
Yeah, I am

[Verse 1: Yo Gotti & 10Percent]
I'll never let my n*ggas down
Nah, I never put some choppas down (Never)
Hit your b*tch when I come in town
She ain't never let a n*gga down (Yeah)
I just went up the sco, I got ten different hoes
They swear they go with a n*gga
I'm a superstar, we duck off on the low
She know not to take no pictures
Blog put a n*gga business out
Knock 'em down, now switch 'em out
I got opps I don't know about
Stand on business, we don't talk about it (Shh)
I got I tеn bad b*tches in mansion, dancin'
It look like it Soul TrainI'm on the aеroplane
Pourin' up purple, it look like the soul plane
We do real numbers, real chef, Benihana's
I'll take a n*gga under
Watch three-hundred, these is Yeezy's
'Fore they drop (Yeah), call 'em Dondas
Jay said I got the thunder
Pray to God for the runners
Whole pandemic, all I seen was snow, it's like I missed the summer
Put it on my mama
Yo Gotti, he a hall of fame of drug dealers
Yo Gotti, he be runnin' 'round with real killers
Hush gang, he ain't frontin' no f*ck n*ggas (Shh)
Big stepper, we'll stomp on you lil' n*ggas
n*ggas say they slidin', nobody dyin' though (Oh)
Your net worth in the fours, what was they lyin' 'fore?
Go dollar for dollar, shotta for shotta
We can go thottie for thottie
I'm scholarship Gotti, you gave a b*tch a Birkin
I just gave her some knowledge
[Verse 2: 10Percent]
I'm on some rocker sh*t
She was basic, I made her a model b*tch
Lenny Kravitz, I pull up, start rockin' sh*t
She athletic, she built like a soccer b*tch
.45 but that 9 got a softer kick
Don't slip 'cause I drip when I'm walkin', b*tch
I be rollin' that jay with some bosses, sh*t
Rondo got 9 on my hip
Like Steph put thirty in the clip, I'm equipt
Lay a n*gga flat on the floor like a quilt
I just ran off on the plug like a bill
I'm at the top like I'm King of the Hill
She freaky, she poppin' that pus*y like pill
I'm tryna f*ck, I'm just keepin' it real
That pus*y be bald and wet like a seal
Since Corona that young n*gga ill
Get turned to a donor, you play with my bills
I'm knockin' all my opps out the field

[Verse 3: Yo Gotti]
I'm knockin' all my opps out the field
Young n*ggas sick, young n*gga ill
All of my n*ggas united
Just bought into DC United
I gave him the pack and he tanked it (Tanked it)
Twenty-five pints and he dranked it (Uhh)
Just showed her my account and she fainted (On God)
Showed him the plug and he thanked me (You welcome)
"Ayy, Gotti you low, you jankie"
Lil' b*tch just posted me, brainless (Dumbass)
Rolls Royce stainless (Steel)
Made my neighbourhood famous (For real)
Rich catch for tourists (For tourists)
Ayy, why yo' jewellery blury?
All my jewellery flawless, all my n*ggas stallers
None of my n*ggas sanctifies, they be throwin' cross
All my Forgies offset
All my diamonds factory set
That my lil' savage, I stamped that
My b*tch like the sunset, yeah
I see the same n*ggas doin' the same sh*t every day (sh*t every day)
Different n*gga, yeah, I had to go and make a way (Go and make a way)
Any day, it's another million-dollar plate
It's like seventy mill now, 'nother hundred on the way
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