Boondocks freestyle(unrealeased) lyrics



(verse 1)
Black folks with the silly crack smoke n*ggas really blast folk ask them what they mad fo n*ggas know I can't fold say im on discord but im not no simp bro ho what you mad for cuz I keep real bro cuz I keep it real son I like your sneakers let me take them real ones call me nas cuz I get illmatic not my dad but this finna be drastic wrecking havok and im peeling n*ggas like plastic I have it keep it elastic no girl um you know incredibles im creadible keeping it straight like a heterosexual flow I mastered it all known and unknown the bars cut deep like a knife b the nikes black force ones Is what I bе on while n*ggas doing net talk ya girls playing my song playing it all while I sit back for thе show you know how I really do and all these bum rappers really dull

(verse 2)
Honestly ain't no competition in sight am I right or wrong? ain't no Anderson but am I the one the n*gga that fathers all theses sons yeah im talking bout rapper bums I through ya away like a snickers wrapper bruh here to really spaz on ya raps are hard call me gambit cuz I slice n*ggas wit cards the lyricism goes far n*ggas like to fake in all they cap raps scat on street corners like skibbidy bap bap who this girl hitting on zach zach the raps extremely emaculate to keep it a quick stack these that quick raps quick this quick that just give me what I ask and this is zach spitting facts on these rats

(verse 3)
I had a Epiphany that you n*ggas can't do sh*t to me you kidding me my music like a symphony have you feeling vibes of the scene rhyming with ease n*ggas know the name is big man z racist people called me a chimpanze oh you dont know my flow is so old wu-tang toke notes of me im rolling deep and when I fight this n*gga who is really holding me me and my ex broke like we was jodeci who these n*ggas rapping call me saweetie cuz I really just tapped in im snapping on this track like it was someones neck or the back man im done this is zach
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