[Spoken Sample 1]
I got, I might not be able to slap God
But I'll come slap you and her
Well I say what you do: you come slap me and her
Well I'm on the wa-
When you're done slap her you can slap me sweetheart
And I've never fu- beep Stone Throw
Bring yo' ass on here

Don't tell me that
What's the address one more time?
Beep Stone Throw

I'll be over there to whoop yo' ass
Patricia, bring your ass on

[Spoken Sample 2]
Ey yo check this out huh
I'm tired of n*ggas hating on a muthaf*cka
Let's take it to the next [?] b*tches
You gotta keep bubblin' on 'em
Platinum doublin' on 'em
f*ck these n*ggas
Eyy yo I'm 'bout to [?]
And the neighbors like yea
"What's up with that n*gga?
He swear he nice"
I said yo, a brother don't swear he nice
He knows he's nice
He's probably standing me up for one right now
But f*ck that dang shizz
Speak that highdro ghetto sh*t! (Let's go)
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