Whominati lyrics



I'm on the road to C Note
You washed up like soap or Siebold
Bumping Joey, screaming rest in peace to Steelo
Home's where he go, roll weed, hold the stylo, write bullets

[Verse 1]
Well it's the first lyricist out of the 6ix
9ine'll meet you if you're tryna bleed out when you snitch
Diamond teeth but still a grill I'll heat a rat, you know
I'm gonna be the leader, foreman of the game, no Reginald
Minor, but I'm tryna see platinum and gold
Dig Cole, but I'd rather have a feature
I'm out here connecting bars like oxygen in an еther
Dependеnt VARS to electric cars that they reach for
Lyrics blast like subwoofers of a hatchback speaker
Leaving gaps in a good-for-nothing wack rap breather
Either that or I'll never get to see out my goals
That's my worst fear, but my pedigree will persevere
Whether it's me or not, but I'm already surging to the Roc
And you know that ima serve it while it's hot
But y'all sit and watch while dirty cops are getting hearses on the block
Volcano flow, I'm dripping verses off the top (Curses, I f*cked it up)
Spitting off the top versus any n*gga who figure he been hot
I'm not certain
I'm writing circles, different versions, living in cursive
And killing virgins with my words when stripping the vermin
Their clothes, make them all on rouge on my Baz Luhrman sh*t
No scrubs on my lobes, just know who the surgeon is
Soon as our faith begin to lag, they deserting us quick
I'm in my bag, but I ain't pursing my lips, stupid's
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