Rozz Dyliams


[Verse 1: dread]
You ain't f*cking with a creature
Leave your soul floating far beyond the ether
This way either way (?) rappers end up in pieces
(?) for the toe tag
And ima type to use your f*cking merch as a c*m rag
pus*y boy you ain't on you should know that
What you speak is a lie (?)
I got the force flex like my man Rozzy
Y'all can suck my di*k from the back (?)
While your prayting to the sky your cries will not be anmswered
If I may I must imply you a f*cking cancer
A disease that must be eradicated
Step up in my way you can meet my knife and let you (?)

[Verse 2: Rozz Dyliams]
f*ck being broke
I would rather die
f*ck being like you
I'd rather be broke
f*ck being normal
I'd rather have amnesia
f*ck being like you
I would rather choke
Once again medical gauze Dylan on a murder mission
I goes far out with my prose the only inquisition
I got my cross hairs on you locked and loaded in position
I know I won't leave a single trace as I make this decision
I feel just like a sniper in the tower power tripping
Off the greed of killing but I can't wipe out the greedy system
I don't need my props I'm making bodies drop
Pop the clip in
I keep ledgers full of names of busters who think that they with it
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