Agu (AKA Mr. Voodoo) - “Criminology”
[Emcee(s): Agu (AKA Mr. Voodoo)]
[Producer(s): RZA (Original Instrumental from Raekwon ft. Ghostface Killah - “Criminology”)]

[Intro: Agu (AKA Mr. Voodoo)]
Yeah, yo, as we get into this Wu thang, you know’m saying? We gon’ keep it going, I’ma keep it flowing, you know’m mean? It’s Agu like I always do, you know’m saying?  Yo, check it out

[Verse: Agu (AKA Mr. Voodoo)]
TechnoMarine flow, pinky ring glow. Let the
Stink blow, sink low, speak with a pimp-in-mink-stole
Lingo, sling O’s, keep a nine for gringos, remain
A mystery like the Sphinx’s nose. From ash and flame
Like the phoenix, I rose. Blast flame, leave you with six
Holes, trying to get a cash gain of six O’s
I’m just trying to get some ass and brain from thick hoes
Stash ‘caine in ass, tits, clits, and clothes
I’ll tell you how I stopped your cream. f*ck your spots, blocks, and teams
I’m running up, hot Glocks popping you fiends
Crack-influenced crimes, racketeer-influence rhymes
On tracks, you’re hearing fluid lines. For stacks, I got a Jewish mind
Laid-back, I exude a bluish shine
Y’all n*ggas wish that you was cool as I’m. Pack a
Black, bluish nine, blast into your intestinal
Track, into your spine, and now your food is mine
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