I Think Too Much lyrics



I think too much about my past..
I wanna change it but, There ain’t no going back
People changing on me when I turn my back
When I do better don’t come around again

I don’t smoke, I don’t drink
So it’s hard to deal with pain
I just stay inside my room, write music and overthink
I think I’m my biggest enemy
I’m tired of holding on I just wanna move on to better things

[Music Bridge]

They say you are who you hang with, damn
That’s why I made some changes
Tired of talking about things that I’m not amazed with, uh
That type of energy is dangerous
I gotta be patient
But if I don’t see effort I replace you
I don’t care to chase you
I won’t force a bond that isn’t there because it takes to
If you don’t wanna be part of my life I won’t make you, (I won’t make you)

[Music Bridge]

I know I will never grow if I never learn
So in order to be a man I’m gonna have to hurt
Sacrifice a little pain to build my character
Damn, it’s crazy how it works
I love my own company, I don’t like to stand out
People that did nothing for me tend to have their hands out
Most influential rapper from my city? I am hands down
Girls that used to hate on me want me to pull their pants down

I ain’t really interested
I was raised with discipline
I was taught to never give out love unless your getting it
I’d rather be alone then be around a bunch of hypocrites, damn
So I guess that makes us different
I often over think about things I could never change
I have a habit of saying things I don’t mean to say
And people I love the most I always push away
I’m just scared to get too close because I overthink

[Music Outro]
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