Wiz Khalifa

"Playful 4 Life"

[Verse 1]
They say, "Quit," they say, "Done"
They say we're too grown for fun
They say, "Old," we say, "Young"
We say playful’s never done
Don't bite the feeling, just let it flow
Stack it up, rack it up, let it go
Laughter is calling, pick up the phone
Let's Stay Playful, Oreo

[Verse 2]
Chill with the fam ’cause it's always better
But that wooden twist bring the world together
Repost the ram, let the message spread
From heart to heart and from head to head (Head to head)
Everyone's welcome, don't need a label
If we're still smiling, the future's bueno
I got a secret the world should know
Let's Stay Playful, Oreo

[Verse 3]
Livin' like little kids do
Into whatever we’re into
Livin’ the life we were meant to
If you're ’bout rules, this will prob'ly offend you
But if you're playful, you're welcome
Smile off, then unhappy seldom
Keep it light and keep hopin’
They closing' doors, we twistin' 'em open
Think back to those days when you knew it
That playful spirit, you never outgrew it
Game got hard, you can play through it
You had a contract, it's time to renew it (Renew it)
And when you do every day is full
For every moment we're grateful
We'll have our glass all the way full
Yeah, yuh, Stay Playful

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