Wiz Khalifa

"Aint sh*t Changed"

Sometimes, you gotta cut a motherf*cker, huh?
Don't be that motherf*cker
Realistically, I'm just sittin' back
Got back to the crib
Got a pile of KK, pack of cones
Just doing what I do
Ain't sh*t changed

Smoking weed and living how I'm s'posed to be
The police don't say sh*t when they approach me
Different day, a different coast
I'm doing sh*t the way I'm s'posed to
Flyin' private, 'way from coach
Was a player, now, I coach, hundred mil', I'm tryna gross
Roll a pound and flow, pour a round and toast
Every day, we focused, no matter how much we smoke
Hit it, never miss, got these n*ggas p*ssed
Get caught? Never flip, charges get dismissed
Been a savage since I jumped off in this business sh*t
Nothing personal, must've forgot what this business is
I keep hustling and won't stop until my clique get rich
Won't do sh*t, you bury yourself, I'll let you dig that ditch
You a hustling motherf*cker
New crib for my son, an AP for my brother, and it's flooded
Them girls ain't gon' get enough of it
Earn my respect, they gon' keep telling you that I'm f*cking rich
Earn my respect, he just get jealous because I f*cked his b*tch
Earn my respect, so when they come to my house, they don't take pics
I'm killing the competition, they still ain't got my permission
I'm finna make my decision, I'm holding out my position

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