Freestyle For My Baby lyrics



Come get your punishment babe, I'll make sure that you take it
Told me to hit it from the back, make sure that I break it
Ass on FaceTime e'ry night, baby, you always shake it
Sleep on the phone, to your face in the morning I awaken
"Pass the Dutchie" the other night, our music soundin' Jamaican
You ever think about me leaving you, girl you are mistaken
You don't eat much, breakfast in bed, eggs and bacon
I was thinking walkin' into yo house as if I break in
Anybody ask you out, you say, "Sorry, I'm taken"
You ran into my life, that was a lot for me to take in
But I ain't complaining
I love with everything I have that is remaining
Get into the mood e'ry night, it's entertaining
Walked outside in the storm, baby, it was raining
Told me to go inside, my love, I was refraining-
Rain calms me down, baby, it's a release for my anger
I'm a ship lost at sea but I swear to god you're my anchor
You stopped me from ending it twice, and I was told to thank her
Soon as I get home to Jersey, while we kiss I'm finna spank her
She be makin' more money, I guess that she my banker
Grabbed her by the neck off the wall and then I yanked her
We get left alone they best believe I'm gon bang her
I think I need to switch up the rhyme
She 10 out of 10 but she worth more than a dime
Bragging 'bout her to my friends, "b*tch, that girl is mine"
I'm in it for whatever, no way that she can cross a line
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