100% Made of Cotton lyrics



Gettin’ a taste my own medicine??
Makes sense why I'm always high as f*ck
Baby booked a flight early this time
Try to denounce the Lover Boy’s immortality luck
Doubtin’ a God cuz you frivolous with that 50 and buck
Murder Teenage Boy
Can’t evoke an inner envy that don’t exist
I’d never feen for dollar bills or bottles
The typa addiction i’m feeding on
Even a dictator couldn’t speak of this Extremist
Liberated will from a forced anatomy model
They wanna extract my soul
A 13-tailed fox-tress, fire flame on full throttle
Scientific wars in Sunday School’s bowl
f*ckin’ with producers more than fake writers
That pre-pre-pre-rolled roll
Real tight like a Marl' cigarette butt
Butt a little loosie though
Tssssss--inject him in the gut
Burlington on the Ave
Dimmed us once, not twice for Future’s nut
Choirs with god brothers
Amaze me beyond Amazon enough
The chinky chinks hate chimps
But chimpanzees like pimps
Why the big pimpin’ man’s gone quiet
Don’t ask Laguardia to fake another riot
Townsend Harris b*tches might try it
To the Eastern world, I stay lookin’ a fool
But take me to top weed Eastern schools
Aretha Franklin anthems won’t deny it
79 degrees for the city cats this eve
Dust Bowl in the Midwest cappin’
The Wizard of Oz on a permanent sick leave
Palm reading on Roosevelt Island
Sorry Manhattan, that belongs to QDEEV
Where the buses run merry
White collars--go grab a ferry
Cable cars are an MTA granted peeve
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