"The JBJ’s"

GMoney J-Tissel!

230 subs never a mystery

Yah yeet

No more disses ya'll don't know what ya'll missin'

All these lyrics, I write them

All these roasts are going into the air like Donald Trumps hair

Me and GMoney like his name went bank and stacks

JBJ's real name is Jack

Haters Get yo' act together

Different mothers

We're not even brothers

I don't care cause' we don't even like each other

Do we give up? Ha never

The JBJ's are the strongest ever

Views, Subs, Likes and dislikes... just ignore them, do it for the fun!

(Haters are not motivators guys, watch out for them)

230 subs never a mystery

Haters are not motivators ignore them just like veggies

People were not ready for this fire

I am a writer

This took an all-nighter

Im not a fighter

No L's just taken' W's

Here's GMoney 'bout to make some more stacks

I am GMoney and a few of you better be runnin'

We just rapped so epic

When we drop merch it will sell like a God Church

Search JBJ cause he is too lit

Nobody pitches a fit

By the way we kick out the fakes

Ignore all the veggies

Just hit one milli'

Like really?

If you are chilly you are about to be lit fam

230 subs never a mystery

Ignore those haters and those yucky veggies

If you think I got lucky, play with a rubber duckie

If you get sick talk to my producer Rick

Hi its me J-Tissel

Back again cause I'm savage

So are the JBJ's

We not average

Dab on those haters and say "See ya later, Alligator"

We not in pre-K

We at the top in 5th

Shout out to Mrs. Holt

These rhymes are never gonna run out

Milli's never gonna stop rollin' in

Every time I click my pen I get a billi'

230 subs never a mystery

Ignore those haters and those yucky veggies

People say I got lucky

All you do is play with rubber duckies

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