The Hold Steady

"Heavy Covenant"

[Verse 1]
With the wine glass on the microwave
And the ashtray in the kitchenette
I could tell that it was difficult
To bring that sort of subject up
It was tough to bring the subject up

[Verse 2]
Sleeper city on a power play
In the garden with a day to spare
And if you know the perfect words to say
You can get it almost anywhere

[Verse 3]
That's a pretty heavy covenant
To make with someone powerless
He said he'll ask about that other stuff
If you're still prepared to pay for it

[Chorus 1]
I know the perfect place to go
Slidе your little phone into the airplanе mode
Motel Mariposa
A little south of downtown on the frontage road
Seeing stories in the the scorch marks
Hearing bass lines in the buzzing of the lights
Call down to the desk and say we're going to need another night
We're gonna to stay a second night
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