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Percocet (Yuh)
Put my di*k in her, do it hurt yet? (I’ll always love you)
Keep my— Keep my eyes wide, like I’m Durk’, yeah, huh
I don’t owe you sh*t, boy, I’m from the dirt, yeah (Yeah)
All my b*tches are regular, they from Turks’, yeah (Turkish)
How it feel to be regular, bet it hurt, nah? (Hurt)
If I can’t find no hoes, I’ll pull a Kurt, schyeah
I— I popped them oxycodones, I get no [?] on ‘em
I put the racks on ‘em, I put the racks on ‘em
She put the cat on me, I put the bag on her
She see the racks on me, still call a cab for hеr
I’m kickin’ sh*t in France, I did the dash boy
I bought the—
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