"Smoking Cali Weed"

Verse 1:
b*tches come and go real fast like the seasons
I don't wanna hoe if she talk that’s a treason
Shes smokin on some blunts thinkin she the hot sh*t
I don't want that hoe if shes gonna throw a fit
If I'm lightin up that sh*ts just for me
f*ckin on your girl that sh*t was for free
She made me food and cleaned my floor with lotta glee
f*ck a fake b*tch shes gonna have to flee
Roll another blunt I don’t ever try to front
I just keep it real like I'm Tfam in the f*ckin cut
If these haters talkin sh*t then Ill hit em with my fists
They walk around blind like they got a lotta cysts
Mollies at the party I don't f*ck with purp
If we sippin drinks I might get hurt
Gotta have hands for the blunt and handle
None of what you got is gas you hold candles
Stayin outta Dallas but smoking Cali weed
I don't wanna chill till I smoke so I'm freed
I've been movin lotta pounds with quick speed
I don't sell for show it's just cuz I need to feed
f*ck a stupid hoe who be thinkin they the sh*t
Don’t act like you know me you gonna get hit
Ima just do me till I finally make it out
f*ck the bullsh*t ima tell you what I’m about

Hook x2:
Smoke that kush it burns so slowly
She judged me said I'm so lowly
I don’t wanna girl cuz I ride solo
I just hit the thrift shop whys your dough low

Verse 2:
f*ckin on your b*tch cuz she wanna play the switch
Playin smash bros and it's with a lot of hoes
Got my gourmet dinner all stacked up
Tfam clan tag reppin strapped up
Smokin on a pen but it's not the one you draw
She's hittin on that sh*t so i go and hit her raw
Would I rather have a b*tch or a hundred blunts
It don’t matter either way ima hit the stunts
Getting to the dough so I never get a hoe
f*ckin up a foe then I'm suckin on a toe
Haters wanna talk tell em pull up to the show
Ima never listen to a b*tch I gotta let em know
Slash you up like I got my own zengetsu
I don't wanna sesh all you smoke are pretzels
Ima never hear your song all you make is dreadful
Flexin shiny teeth but you don't got dental
Riding in a coupe and it's only with a few
Lighting hella blunts b*tch I'm rolling with a view
Ima hit my squad now I'm smoking with my crew
Never trust these liars Ill always keep it true
I don't need guns so I'll hit you with a fist
These kinky twitter hoes like that sh*t with a kiss
f*ck these Dallas cops let me chief these blunts in peace
If some randoms hit my blunt Ima make them cease

Hook x2

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