Yeah yeah

Take it over from the top

Take over from the top bruv, time is against us

Uh uh


Winter is coming, man the walls


(Man dem his things right)

Verse 1:


God speed to all the n*ggas

Who be hating on the North side n*ggas

Can't you'all see we pulling triggers

Hiding, diving, running from the bombers


We watching out for the Bokos

They ain't normal men on ten toes

They jazz men on irokos

Y'all scared of Sazz and popos

Northerners we rock with soldiers

You might leave in lagos

But you still a local

Big name, big city so you think you special

Please vote for the wrong n*gga

All over again

Let the bokos wax stronger and get to your terain

Shoot some lekki people

Bomb bananas till it sinks

Y'all getting the memo but you hardly let it sink

This people out to get the nation, but y'all ain't get that

Those nigas don't care, the dont even put on masks

We gotta watch out for our backs, mehn watch out for our backs

Guns in fenny packs, we ain't got space for racks

We gotta stay prepared for when the terorists attack

When we go to sleep, we put on black black on black

Are you mad ?

Are you crazy?

Are you dumb?

When the boko starts poping mehn everybody runs

Both the rich, both the poor and the people with the guns

Bombs blew and they started shooting

I saw a n*gga who fortified him self with a bulletproof and jazz

I was running for ma life,he on the floor when i turned back

Y'all are way too loud, and you'all party too much

One Boko n*gga can silence of the whole of lagos

Detonate the suicide vest, then maybe y'all gon understand us

Boom boom boom

Watching us over the news this ain't no cartoon

All you black baboons

Think you got the greatest shows and showmen

Winter is coming for y'all soon y'all gone be dead men

Y'all better pray that winter stays in the north

Y'all better pray that there's an Aria to carry the cross

We gotta find who she is, it might be any of us, gotta find who we are, right now we faceless people

Right now most of you see your selves in the face of evil

Leave, leave, leave

Leave, leave, leave, please leave

Lagos stinks, from Abj its gettin hard to breathe


Hard to breath

It's getting getting hard to breath

Hard to breath

It's getting getting hard to breath...

Verse 2:

Gimme way, gimme way

Lotta you people need to know what we face

Ain't no public transport on a major holiday

Saftey reasons they put curfew on Christmas day

State of emergency, this country needs rescue

Your mind in tormoil bro money might death you

Okay back to the n*ggas who are out here with me

Y'all are out here with me, but you ain't out here with me

How many of you have taken a bullet to the arm

How many of you have face to faced bokoharam?

I remember

Me and Tommy running

Women and children

Guns banging

People screaming

All of a sudden

People falling

Left arm hurting

Turn back

Oh sh*t where is Tommy ?

Long story short now Tommy in the floor

Mehn y'all gotta know that Nigeria is in war

A normal day to me is a bad day to y’all

I've seen the worst in human nature

A man axe down another man for little paper

Your mind in tormoil bro money might death you

Lagos is for huslers, n*gga that's an excuse

Why can't you make it from where you at

You don't need to move to shine if you a star

The only place you can shine is when you in the dark

Wanna own a house in the lekki, lekki

So all your friends can envy, envy

All for the money and glory

King of the lekki, lekki


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