​wandering halos lyrics



[Verse 1: kne4es]
I just wish I could make amends, what's the point in having friends?
Swear I'd rather take a band, think we cool, but you a fan
We not cool, not even friends, roll that cash on new Vans
They say, "Kne4es, you a loser", I bee cooked, it's so over
Cast a spell, I'm Harry Potter, cash my check before I wander

[Verse 2: 777forevermore]
I got racks like yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm about my cash, fool, n*gga, stop the act, fool
You really ain't gon' spaz, fool, these b*tches way too stressful
A n*gga got his hands full, I wander with my racks, fool
Smoke his pack, I love that gas full, AR-P turn you to ash, fool
We giving halos, just come ask, fool, they like, "Junе, you a little as*h*le"
Spin his block and fill him with bullet holеs
I'm in my glow, shine up with halos, I'm all alone, stand up in prosper
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