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Danger Mouse & Black Thought

Product of my quotient, bolstered by the moment
I'm prodigal, my proponent is: I'm 'posed to microphone it
From birth took 15 years to find his drive and onus
While others put their worth in rides, renting for likes instead of owning
Sight over substance: current cultural component in modern life
No one apologize for they offense
The problem is who do we want to qualify as soulless
He wanted to boast but something told him to switch the focus
The system's broken, the women stole from Indigenous homes and
Political prisoners like Skyler Williams been given shoulders as cold as The the territory of the Inuit was controlled
By the government as punishment for living
Another is signs of resistance applied to quote "Inciting Indians,"
Three or more, it was written in the criminal code
How it's set up, in blood they message the oath
And with a stone, you can either build a bridge or a wall
That's Herbie Barnes, the fact you can craft a weapon notwithstanding
Soon as the colonizers arrived, they was not companions
Catholic Church said only their breed was pure, like a c*cker Spaniel
Young ages, had to be mature, so solve with Daniel's
Then pass it down through their bloodlines and sometimes, waking is dangerous
Put a hole in your soul for assimilation
In the residential schoolmiseducation's ample and the graves is nameless
The aim was: kill the native in the child, heinous and vile
Exiling the thoughts of infants, making their lives dour
Profile 'em as a problem looking down from their ivory tower
Doused the brown kids in white powder for white power
In the final hour, we oughta, the fight is ours
They reserve the right to commit this unseen slaughter
But reserves ain't righteously being given clean water
In the night you could lose your teen daughter
So nothing's changed since the 60's scoop
No wonder why they struggle with these rules
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