Brainstorm lyrics


Qwel & Jackson Jones

[Verse 1]
It's raining frothing packs of rabid cats and dogs, gnawing, clawing, scratching
Falling too fast to catch em all in all appalling
Thought, a gaseous fog forming blasting fog horn warning
Morning meets the swarm before the captain saw it all upon him
Recorded captain log tore the craft to boards
Bordered by disordered oars shortened roars
Flashing, crashing waves, blackish grey, this ain't his grave, anchor wade to shore
Fragile clay embrace its form, agile wave is grace, the storm...
This anger aggravates the stranger, danger grabs at the waist stronger
The harder he hates, this oughta be watery, just waits longer
When all that she takes, is all released, his palms reach to calm her
Soft beach breathing flotsam, lost screams beneath the water

When the brainstorm poured him over board, he swore at that fate
It just made more torrent torment for him, and fortune wore at his faith
The rain pouring was the warning flash, clashing wrath at black waves
Sure he saw the shore through the storm but didn't make it half way

[Verse 2]
The lightning flashed the mast, ash and cinders, whizzing rapid splinters
Into the wintered tips of icy grey, a likely grave, she whispers
He shivers at the frightening face of mother thunder summoned hither
Come to get her best of deafened shriek weakened to tweeking dumned whimper
Another flash of bolted glitter, different side, the same inner
Reminds him pride don't float, quote, a sore sight for eyes of swimmers
An itch inside for every hint of pride, another inch to swim up
Heard the thunder just once beneath the purple surface his tips touched
An influx of rushing hints, thin lungs
Brushed against his chunking sunken ship of pride, chips that didn't splint much
This time he felt the thunder rumbling, chuckle bloaw, now you feeling me
Pride taste like salt water? But can't talk, awe, humility?
Who willingly changes himself saves himself, it ain't the they that they's for
Saved grace in through pouring rain, came vain to tame the brainstorm
Warned again and again and again, it ain't the they that blames for
It's made for me, myself and I, so blinding rays can break forth
We made war upon the sky, why I ain't surprised it stays warped
Entered the center I in pride, that my mind can pay for
Crashing waves clapping, laughing at the late great captain
Hate, vain, gagging, gasping, grasping at the rain to catch it, had it
Couldn't hold it if he had it clasped, with that attitude fashioned
Squeezed the soap too tight and mad, had to imagine that it'd happen
An addict to his actions, captain loved his life and lost it mainly
For fighting against those waves that could've brought him into safety
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