Attachments lyrics



(Know that I be killin' sh*t)
(Damn, lil' FckBwoy, man, you know that I be killin' sh*t)

Grrah, I look in your face, all I could do is stare (All I could do is stare)
I don't really got nothin' to say to you, b*tch, none of this sh*t really fair (sh*t ain't fair)
I put my all in you and you still did what you did
I don't wanna love nobody, I'm scared
And I'm not startin' all over with nobody else, word to bro, I'm not goin' nowhere (I'm not goin' nowhere)
Like, right now, I tell myself I hate you
b*tch, you broke me, now I'm in denial (I'm in denial)
Like, word to bro, I'm disappointed in you, baby, 'cause I know that's not your f*ckin' style (Grrah, boom)
Like, why you givin' up your f*ckin' body to people? You really out here movin' wild (Follow the rules)
And all the sh*t that happened in my dreams
Like, word to bro, I'm 'bout to crash out (Ah)
I'm in too deep, now my feelings attachеd
I always love when you send mе attachments (When you send me attachments)
What the f*ck? How you let another n*gga break your back in? (What the f*ck?)
I don't care if we wasn't together, I can't explain the way I f*ckin' feel (What the f*ck?)
Like, I would never do this sh*t to you
I don't want you to ever feel like how I feel (On bro)
And Leeky had told me to think with my mind
But lately, I been thinkin' with my heart (Think with my heart)
Like, and you know why this sh*t really hurt?
'Cause you was the b*tch that was there from the start
I'm stuck in my head, I don't know what to say
Why the f*ck would you throw it away? (Throw it away)
I feel alone like every f*ckin' day
(Now I gotta force myself to stay awake)
Like, why would you f*ck that n*gga? Was it worth it?
You tell my you didn't do that sh*t on purpose
Like, off the Percocets, I'm sippin' purple
I'm drownin' in pain, but this sh*t never workin'
Like, and I know sometimes I did you wrong
But how you do that to me? That was wrong
f*ck this sh*t, I'm tired of makin' songs
I'm a soldier, I wear my heart right on my arm
And lately, I ain't been speakin' to my moms
Word to bro, I f*ckin' miss my moms
Like, I get mad and start thinkin' demonic, n*gga, so I always be tryna stay calm (Ah)
Told you keep it a buck and you sat there and lied
What the f*ck? I don't wanna cry (I don't wanna cry)
I was 'posed to be yours, you was 'posed to be mine
But I was wrong, it was just my time (It was just my time, n*gga)
(Know that I be killin' sh*t)
Huh, I can't even kiss you (Can't even kiss you)
When I look in your face, I been gettin' so angry
b*tch, I wanna hit you (b*tch, I wanna hurt you)
And I love you to death, but now I gotta ditch you
Like, 'cause you made me feel a certain way
Word to my mother, b*tch, I'm gon' miss you
All these people around, and I still feel alone
I really think I'm better off alone
Like, all this pain, I feel it in my bones
No, I don't need nobody, I'm good on my own
Damn, damn
Like, every opp shot, everything dead
Four-one shots to the head
I never felt this way, you heard?
This sh*t f*cked up, wouldn't wish this sh*t on nobody
Tired of cryin', I'm tired of all the f*ckin' lies
f*ck all this sh*t, I just wanna be happy, you heard?
sh*t wocky, I love you, love me
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