Aye I told y'all I would do it man! YAH!


Aye, shout my n*gga Pe$o
Shout my n*gga Pe-
Hol’ up, wait
Aye, shout my n*gga Pe$o
Shout my n*gga Pe$o
Yeah we got yo b*tch and she gon' do it when I say so
All these n*ggas talkin' but they do not wanna fight me
I am cleaner than a b*tch
I feel like Tommy Pickles’ diapey, huh
Glalie on the wrist the face up on it it's so icy
I don't do business with b*tches 'cause they always dios grimy
f*ck n*ggas always talkin sh*t, they so slimy
Snappin' in this b*tch like
Oh I think they like me
Oh I think they like me
Oh I think they like me
Oh I think they like- Oh I- Oh I think they like me
I got tired of the losing but I'm winning now
I done came up so much since I put dinner out
Guns, yea I got 'em I pull triggers out
Three rounds to yo face, n*gga Mickey Mouse

And we creep up in yo house, homie not a sound
It don't matter ’cause we in it when you not around
Wow, king up in it I might need a crown
You a rat and you a b*tch, homie Minnie Mouse
Uh, Token with me holdin’ fifty rounds
These different choppers, when we shoot you gon' hear fifty sounds
Uh, and these diamonds on me VVS
Talkin’ sh*t, homie you gon' see me next
I hop on beat like Charizard I step one foot in and it burn
My b*tch an athlete but she give brain like a nerd
You talkin' sh*t, I'm like "What? I ain’t heard."
I'm just gon' pull up on yo block and you gon' learn

Pull up on yo block then we ridin' out
I might catch a n*gga slippin and we slidin' out
My cheddar up but you can see me grindin' now
Brand new chopper, let a n*gga try me I'mma try it out
Seal a n*gga if he f*ckin' up the feng shui
Hold the trigger down I promise this the sound the gun make
And we bout' that gun play
And we buyin' every chicken sandwich on a Sunday
Racked up, pockets heavy, I can't pull my pants up
Bad b*tch wanna blow me, told that hoe to join my fan club
Old money, f*cked it up I gave that sh*t a grandson
And we bout' that action if you act up n*gga

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