[Intro: PE$O PETE]

[Watermark: PE$O PETE & [?]]

[Verse 1: PE$O PETE, OmarCameUp, & oddwin]
I ain't a mortal man
My money was stretchin' like Luffy was throwin' hands
I'm finna', I'm finna' bolt so I'm [?]
Then I get more of them (Omar on the come up! Ayo', oddwin)
Yeah, I turn the pace up
I'm finna' race up
Yo' b*tch ain't bad, [?] face up (Ew)
I'm finna' lace up
Air Force 1's when I land on the pavement
I'm finna' spray some
[?] his A-1
Walk with the Ray Gun
You was a lame one
I feel like [?]
Walk with the [?] one
[?] 'cause you sittin' like [?]

[Verse 2: TokenBlack]
We goin' straight to the top and you can't come
n*ggas be talkin' that sh*t, where that hate from?
Why they hatin'? (What you hatin' for?)
n*ggas is weirdos, n*ggas throwin' rocks at my name
So I leave and come back like Spearow (Aye, aye, aye, aye)
n*ggas be sayin' they out here, they lyin'
That sh*t can't be true 'cause I'm already here, tho' (I'm already here)
Weed is so loud, I can't hear, tho' (Nope)
Things are not what they appear tho' (Nope)
Uh, aye, hol' up!
These n*ggas fake
I'm only smokin' that sh*t if it's Dank
Brand new chop, no release date (Brrah!)
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