"Signing Bonus"

[Verse: nobigdyl.]
You said plan A was repentance
I want to be like a keeler
I had already been sentenced
Climbed on that tree like [?]
Looking at 1 John like we talkin' 'bout practice
Hold up, maybe I've been walkin' in the dark sun
Took the shade off and He gave me new glasses, huh
Now I'm finna hit it out the park, it's a grand slam
I was in the Hunger Games like Panem
Trying to prove my own worth
Didn't wanna gave my would and lose the whole earth
Trying to find the dude that knew the code word like

Up, up, down, down, left, right
Left, right, be a star select
My cheating heart my, my debt
My deepest thoughts collect
Call, you picked up my best fall
Cleaned me up, cried out your name like feed me know
When I got you, we'll beef me up

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