"Sweet Dreams, Breathe Easy"

Sweet dreams Breonna
Breathe easy George

Breonna was trying to sleep
George said he was trying to breathe
2020 still see bodies that's fallin' from trees
They call it suicide but I know they're lying to me
What do you do when you're a target of violent police?
If you go lootin' at the target they title you beast
But if you suitin up in armor, a badge and a piece
Then you could shoot right at your target and get off with ease
I live below the mason dixon
My face fits the description of an inmate in prison
It doesn't matter if I did it or didn't commit it
They want me in chains because of my shade of pigment
The 13th amendment made a new slavery system
I'm wondering if my fellow Christians are okay to listen
Louie called it a blessing he couldn't sit with privilege
I know the Lord forgives him, I know some boys who didn't
You know what's more horrific
Breonna was trying to sleep
Then police interrupted her dreams
Them bullets hit her skin and caused her to bust at the seams
I know it's graphic maybe now you'll discuss it with me
What are you doing to contribute to justice and peace?
What are you doing to contribute to justice and peace?
Don't give me verses 'less you gon back it up with your feet, yeah

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