Chris Travis



When I unleash the beast
Something it it takes control of me
I know I ain't normal
But that's just the way I'm sposed to be

When I unleash the beast
The darkness covers all of me
I approach the microphone
Like it's one of my enemies, THEN






--Never have I been considered
One of the average
True spitter
--I deliver, nothin but madness
Bring out the sadness
If you want a battle
I cannot be handled
Cuz I am an animal
I ain't new to da game b*tch
Smoke blunts
While I make the sh*t bangin'
West coast to da south no playin'....
Got muthaphukkaz hatin'
--Waterboyz, Melody, Mafia
Verbal Homicide, red eyez
All up in the cut
--Neva gave a f*ck
I can feel it all buildin' up
-- In the back of my head
--I'm about to erupt.....
No love for the ones
Tryin to run from the truth
When i get up in da booth
All deez muthaphukkaz spooked
Cuz ill hit'em wit da proof
Made one phone call
Now you f*ckin with a real SCHEMA....

--energy, growin so, rapidly.....
Look at my foes, all the casulties.....
Obviously, rap's not your specialty.....
That was your warning
Don't step to me.....
--see, i can summon a force from inside of me
--Susano's burnin'
--don't get me excited
I won't stay silent
I can get violent
-- won't even take both my hands out my pocket
Open my eye lids
=== this the moment
=== where you should start runnin
I've opened the gates up to somethin [SO FIERCE]
---all of the rest, who have left me abandoned
---ive channeled my anger, so this is [sincere]
---suppressin my power, for hours and hours
---- i harness the dark hadou - (up in dis, hear)
To say da least
-- f*ck what you preach
== fall back


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