Chris Travis


I do this sh*t, you know what I'm sayin’
I won't never stop doin' this sh*t, n*gga
No n*gga can make me stop the hustle

[Verse 1]
This sh*t ain’t over til' I say it's over
I keep on scopin', I don't do commotion
She dropped the pin but lil' b*tch I ain't open
I'm makin’ music, I gotta stay focused
Thank my supporters, they keep me in motion
Keep the good green and OG when I’m smokin'
I’m not the one for the braggin' and boastin'
But I do them numbers, no draggin' or hosting
Hop out the plane then I head to a five star
Chop off your hand, and your sh*t up in my jar
You cannot keep up cause your sh*t is sub-par
I make you freeze like Sub-Zero in [?]
Came in this b*tch and I’m lookin' like Matlock
Pass me some heat, I might sing over guitars
Froze up your b*tch got her lookin' like Nardwuar

[Verse 2]
Hop on the stage, b*tch I'm in rage
f*ck up the people, go back to my cave
Don't do no sequels, I master my lane
Lift up your mind, like it's stuck on a crane
I enter cheat code, cause life is a game
Outgrow you n*ggas, my life is a strain
Walk with a limp like I walk with a cane
Talk to your b*tch but I don't know her name
Keep me on substance, I might go insane
You do not know what go on in my brain
Take out my mess it get ugly like Kane
Sparkin' up b*tch, with no room [?]
I go where ever, give a f*ck 'bout a fame
Got a big heart if you cross me - you slain (b*tch)
Got a big heart if you cross me - you slain! (b*tch)

[Chrous (x2)]
No, I don't need a b*tch
No, I can't see that b*tch
No, I don't need that sh*t
No, I can't ever switch
That hoe - she a sleazy b*tch
My flow - make 'em fiend for this
You know - you can't clone this sh*t
You broke - get that money, trick

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