Chris Travis

"Back To Back Freestyle"

Uh back to back though yeah uh back to back, back to the back to the back back back to the back to the back to the back to the yo
I kill rappers for fun I like to hunt
I ain't start sh*t I threw the first punch though (yeah)
Police n*gga I'm undefeated 5-0 (yeah)
Now I'm 6-0 (Let go)
Went to the ATM but that b*tch broke (ofcourse)
Housephone with a b*tch but he ain't hit though (ofcourse)
Cam Girl still ain't no real hoe (ofcourse)
f*ck Water Boyz n*gga I'm tryna pour (mud)
f*ck Water Boyz y'all alotta boys
f*ck a Housephone he lives with his Mom
f*ck a Cam Girl your not a cam girl
f*ck ATM machine outta funds
Chris got emotions like my last b*tch (don't he)
They both get they hair done by the same b*tch
Tebow (?) I can't say sh*t uh cause that broke f*ck ain't never had sh*t
ATM been on my di*k since two-thousand eight (faggot)
Talking bout some high school sh*t (lame ass n*gga)
Dumb f*ck ass n*gga yee ain't graduate and they ain't let 'em inside it was storming
Cam Girl you got work in the morning (get the f*ck up)
Go pick up Housephone he need a ride
Adam said if y'all late n*ggas fired (n*ggas fired)
ATM got a di*k and a pus*y (don't he) tell the truth he a b*tch and a pus*y (ain't it)
Skinny Pimp ni- that n*gga ain't even bumpin'
That's why Three 6ix Mafia gave him nothing (Jeffery)
f*ck Water Boyz y'all some twenty year old boys
f*ck Housephone n*gga you barely got a home
f*ck Cam Girl you a damn squirrel
f*ck ATM we been breaking them (Jeffery)
Break the ATM (yeah)
Break the ATM (yeah)
Break the ATM (yeah)
Break the ATM yeah real Cam Girls on my BBC b*tch
f*ck a Chris Travis I seen him in H&M (yo)
Housephone running we ain't even chasing him
Chris scared of Wulf talking bout go get Xay for him
Cam Girl where you pics b*tch I'm taking them
Get off Jeffery di*k and don't y'all ever play with him
Doctor Jeffery
Motherf*ckin' Doctor Jeffery
EP Seven n*gga

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