Chris Travis

"In the Palace Freestyle"


You know what I’m sayin mothaf*ckin’ free style in this b*tch 
You know what I’m saying
Kenshin Mothafukin Travis n*gga
Never gave a f*ck n*gga
Know what I’m saying
Mothafukin freestyle wavy sh*t n*gga
You know what I’m saying
Psychedelic sh*t n*gga
Whatever the f*ck you wanna call it
You know what I’m saying
I’m in this b*tch in the mothaf*ckinng palace
n*gga chillin, n*gga
The f*ck you n*ggas mean
Know what I’m saying
Memphis bound n*gga 
You know
Just in this b*tch vibin’ my n*gga
You know what I’m saying

b*tch I’m in the lab and you know I became a chemist
(yeah yeah steeze)
Never gave a f*ck n*gga Stick the di*k up in her kidney
(Yeah yeah yeah wavy)
I ain’t never have a damn smoking all the f*cking drugs
(yeah yeah steeze )
Codеine in my cup rolling up a switcher bruh
(Yeah yеah yeah wavy)
f*ck you n*ggas want, callin up my damn phone and sh*t (
(yeah yeah steeze)
I’m tryna get this money ain’t got time for conversations b*tch! (
Yeah yeah Wavy)
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