Arrested Development


Onya means blessed one
It also means the sun

[Verse 1]
I'm seeing light at the end of the tunnel
Hope ignited, I'm delighted there's something to run to
They say that sapiosexual sisters love you
So when I walk in a room its like the NETFLIX (Ba boom)
See life in color again
See wife as lover & friend
See God as giver not taker
Sacred in making me win
Sunny without the blues
Money without abuse
Honey I'm home, in a zone
Lets make it do what it do
Us blacks should sell confеderate flags to red nеcks
Get rich its the ultimate in payback
Money stacks for the Hay stacks
Charge 'em twice as much for their Trump hats
Ever feel like you may never have hope again
Look at the skin of a beautiful black woman
Don't lock eyes with these racist tasteless
Human beings that's baseless
Proud boys for Satan I tell 'em
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