The Attack on the Tower lyrics


Josh Groban

Lumiere: Master, pardon me
Beast: leave me in peace
Lumiere: the castle is under attack
Beast: it doesn’t matter now just let them come
Beast: Gaston, I have something to tell you. Do you think a girl like that would have a thing like you when I have her?
No, it can’t be true
I have something to say about this girl of yours, she will never marry you so stick to it
If only She could stop you from fighting me, but before I die, I would tell her that I love her
Gaston: No Beast, she sent me here to kill you. She hates you because of your monstrous behavior
So let it be. Or else I’ll fight you to death
Belle: Noooooo!
Beast: Belle. You came back
Gaston: go ahead beast
(Song Continues)
Belle: I don’t know why I realized this
Beast: you’re free. From my prison
Now, it’s my turn to leave
One more time we see each other, but then.. we will. I’ll be a prince
At last
Belle: That will break the spell
Beast: At least I got to see you one last time
How can this happen? I'm so happy the spell is broken
We are friends
We got ourselves back to being human again
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