​pretty b*tch wanna touch on me lyrics



Swear she about to make me smash my phone
I just want that b*tch to leave me alone
I'm a hot boy but my heart is on froze, I take that b*tch heart just like Romeo
And these n*ggas lame, really proud when they clone
She slurping me up like a ice cream cone
She acting like a dog, I give her that bone
In the hotel making plays by my lone
Broke ass n*gga, go and get you a loan, I'm in love with FL Studio
Send his soul where that sh*t came from
And she too toned, turn that b*tch to a munch
Striking sh*t like a hockey puck, smoking gas, bro, I do it too much
How the f*ck is my brain still in touch? Bad b*tch, she said I'ma get touched
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