Don’t U Know (2020 Remaster) lyrics


Ol’ Dirty Bastard

Oh, cutie, got it goin' on
Cute? What? That dirty motherf*cker?
You buggin'
Ain't no buggin', he's some ugly motherf*cker
You buggin', yo, look at his disposition, shorty got a stride
What stride? Bummy motherf*cker, he ain't sh*t
See, that's my flavor, rough, you don't know nothin' about that
You got mad sour flavor on, girl, 'cause that ain't sh*t at all
I'm, yo, G, I don't think he really realize, look at him
Look at what? Dirty motherf*cker, he ain't sh*t
You don't see what I see, B
I don't see nothing, you wear glasses so
True, true, personally (I like that motherf*cker)
Just look at him, homie's just dispositioned

[Verse 1: Ol' Dirty bast*rd]
Approach the school nine thirty, you're late
The time happy the solution was my date
Get in your class, walk to your chair
Pop is all you see and then occasionally stare
At thе teacher, or students who wеre clockin' you
Lean back at this girl who kept clockin' you
Stimulated from a sensimilla blunt
Tell the young girl "Baby, you're the one I want"
She doesn't respond, pretends to ignore
So you say to yourself, it be her cold and sore mentally
Visualize the aim on the board
As how to buy pus*y you cannot afford
This girl who was slim and trim
Whispered in her friend’s ear quietly, "I want him"
I took out my books to write the notes for my class
But I kept fantasizing my di*k in that ass
So I turned around to arrange a date
Swinging episode, baby, number one's gotta say it
She popped her gum, cold twist her curl
I said, "Baby, how you feel?", She said, "Shirl"
Then I said, "Shirl", I just found my thrill
Where? In the classroom? No, on Blueberry Hill
But also said, "Just bottle your hate"
She put her face on the chest, this is what the b*tch said
"Because of you I ain't hurting within my, within my heart
'Cause no, I'm not right to be flirtin'
But our relationship has to start
You're the one that I'm clocking
It's time for you could stop mockin'
Don't want you to see me cry
This is why, this is why, this is why"

[Verse 2: Killah Priest]
I met a girl named Chandra from way down yonder
The apple of my eye had a Snapple and some fries
Forgot the ketchup, that's when I pressed up
"I've been watching you mowing your lawn"
The thoughts were flowin', while I'm holding her palm
"Hey, what's that on your menu?", from there we continued
To talk about this and that, we chit and chat
Sipped on the Coke then I stroked her back
As she giggled and I wiggled to the bra
She said, "Nah", that's when I noticed her Pa
Big Tank, who did nothing but the spank
At parties, drink Bacardi and didn't think
Just act silly with his brother Willy
Another hillbilly gettin' ill with the Philly
And moonshine, but it's a new time of day
On the stoop doing the Patty Duke
Okay, it's like that old flip flaps through the shower caps
The platform shoes to the Apple Jacks
Chub chub

[Interlude: Ol' Dirty bast*rd]
Yo, you n*ggas, n*ggas be actin' like
They be lovin' them, them, them fancy b*tches
I, I likes me a nasty b*tch
b*tch that's willing to do anything at any given time
b*tch gotta be nasty 'cause I'm a nasty n*gga
I do anything, baby, I wouldn't give a f*ck what it was
I'll, ah, anything, I'm a nasty motherf*cker, girl

[Verse 3: Ol' Dirty bast*rd]
I'm just sittin', right, in my class at a quarter to ten, right?
Waiting patiently for the class to begin, right?
Teacher said, "Open up your texts and read the first paragraph on oral sex"
I said, "Oral sex, what kind of class is this?"
The girl next to me said, "What's wrong with you, miss?
This is a lesson that makes you feel fine
Kinda ease your nerves and relax your mind"
I said, "Don't try to use no hypnotic spell"
She said, "Be my assistant, I'd sure rather tell"
My knees buckled, heart started to drop
My di*k grew to a size that my nerves couldn't stop
I tried to run, she yelled out, "Freeze"
Pulled down my drawers, dropped to her knees
Ripped off my drawers as if she had claws
Broke the rules that defined sex laws
She responded quick
With a slick welcoming kiss and a ice cream lick
Oh, I begged, I begged
"Easy on my balls, they're fragile as eggs"
Part two coming up
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