Ameer Vann

"Kyoto Osaka"

Part 1: Kyoto

[verse 1]
I’m ridin and glidin
My thoughts are suicide and
The caddy (?) are violent
Don’t mention my intentions
I do it for the mileage
Can see through heavy eyelids
Don’t know what the time is
But the crimes in my mind keep my heart cold and violent
(These (?) are the Titans)
They’ll never take my (?) lightly
I’m going light speed
When you and I meet
A mischievous devious with the 9 on the seat
Hated my heart with revenge on my mind
And a blunt in my teeth
Put the clip in the Glock
Ignition on the key
Roll up in yo block
(You will see this last debris)
Heart frozen, blood close to freezing
The (?) of a demon for a reason
Speaking (?) spoken just know that
When (?) must make you face the plummet
Curtains only that is certain
And as I’m lurkin closely
My thirst for blood only worsens
Never mind the purpose on driven by the curses
But mentions these verses I’m hurting
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