ACID (KOBE) lyrics


Ameer Vann

[Verse 1: Dom McLennon]
I might go Interstellar
I feel like Matthew McConaughey
I don't care for what they gotta say
Tony Perkis how I drop the weight
Jason Bourne with the headshot
Jason Statham with the whip game
Liam Neeson with the rescue
I go Gunnar with the leather face
Bruce Campbell with the chains
Tobin Bell with the saw
Anthony Hopkins, I'm eatin' 'em raw
They don't know who we are
Molly Shannon, I'm a superstar
Ride or die like it's Seabiscuit
Tryna stack like Tobey
John Wick, I don't leave a witness
Chris Paul, I'm assistin'
Ameer go Blake Griffin
Give me forty-eight minutes
We go '04 Pistons
Catch a fade like Robert Horry
Only time to get the spotlight
Deray, how I'm top flight
Go Obama when I drop mics
[Verse 2: Ameer Vann]
I'm the Black Tom Hanks
You can call me ***** Banks
Secret Agent Cody Banks
Quarter pound of the dank
On the scale and it stank
Put my mama in a Range
I just bought a new Wraith
Nic Cage with the face-off
John Travolta when I take off
Brad Pitt, start a fight club
Turn the trap into the nightclub
I'm like Prince with the white doves
Paint a picture with the white dust
Lionel Richie with the white *****
Try to tell it to her nicely
But she never wanna listen
Beat the ***** to submission
Tom Cruise on a mission
Pull a R&B singer
Bring her back to South Central
I shine just like a popstar
M.J. my initial
Kobe Bryant with the spin moves
If these n*ggas got issues
H-Town with Beyoncé
Turn her to my prom date
Kingpin like JAY-Z
Dance moves like JT
[Verse 3: Kevin Abstract]
Heath Ledger with some dreads
I just gave my ***** deah
Standing on my two legs
**** what that ***** done said
Bruh, I don't **** with no white boys
'Less a ***** Shawn Mendes
I been off and I been dead
Bad as hell, I don't bench-press
High school, they ain't **** with me
Now, the critics don't **** with me
My own fam ain't **** with me
But Viceland did **** with me
I'm the only popstar with no money
Can't drive, so I'm still running
Uber taking all my show money
But that's okay, I got more money
Not enough to get my teeth fixed
So my boyfriend in the street, *****
In the moonlight, I get seasick
Did you see all the art that we did?
Did all that **** in a weekend
We was up all late tweakin', yeah
Ice Cube on a Friday, Chris Tucker on a Friday
Michael Cera on a Friday, Jonah Hill on a Friday
Rockin' Leo's blood diamonds
****** *** on the highway
Police right behind me like a ***** stole his OJ
Okay, I don't play, got the same last name as O.J
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