"Let Me Know Feat. TYuS"

[Intro: KRYL8R]
I still got the- yeah
I still got the pictures that we capture
Guess the distance moved us backwards
I got text that still unanswered
Had the family ask about you
Shoulda never brought you out to the crib

[Chorus: Tyus]
Make the pain go away then the high over
Smoke my life away don’t wanna die so sober
It’s a shame just because you learn the rules don’t make you know the game
I would pull a star out the sky for you
No matter how far I’ll make the drive for you
It’s a shamе just because you learn thе rules don’t mean you know the game

[Verse 1: KRYL8R]
Too late to work it out
You changed yoU number so we can’t talk it out
You prolly reminiscing and having doubts
You got this n*gga loving inside yo house
You claim you over him, what happen to that?
I’m still surprised that homie keep on taking you back
I came to the conclusion that he has what I lack but he don’t Kiss it like this or hit it like that
So In a couple more months when you feel like you trapped
Don’t be texting my phone like you want it all back cause he got you attached
I’m still surprised how fast you went back and I hope that it last
I hope that y’all rekindle the last and my feelings was deep
I see all of the pics and tweets that you quick to delete
'Cause he gone know that they about me
All the nights I let you in when we got back from the club
I wonder if when you with him you ever thinking about us, let me know
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