Hovey Benjamin

"The Past (feat. Hovey Benjamin)"

You got me thinkin' 'bout the past
Our love didn't last
Now I'm thinkin' 'bout the past
Got me thinkin' 'bout the past

[Verse 1: HiDef the Chef]
Girl, when I'm looking at your face (Looking at your face)
I think about the war of 1812 (war)
You think we probably shouldn't date (Shouldn't date)
Because I cannot concentrate too well (I cannot concentrate)
But how the f*ck am I supposed to pay attention (How?)
When I know all about what Edison invented?
And I should mention
How great at cheer you did
But your routine just had me thinkin' 'bout the pyramids

[Verse 2: Hovey Benjamin]
You got me thinkin' 'bout the past
The very, very distant past
In a galaxy far away
Now I'm thinking 'bout Rey
I had a crush on Rey (I had a crush on Rey)
When I met you it all changed (Aye, baby, who is Rey?)
Now you're gone I'm feeling pain again
Rewatching Force Awakens

Oh Rey, you'll never leave me
I love the character, not just Daisy Ridley
Daisy Ridley is just an actress
But Rey the character is fighting space fascists and I love her

[Verse 3: Hi Def the Chef]
Clearly you ain't coming back
Now I'm sitting on my ass
Watching movies that are furious and fast
I'm really wishing I had Vin Diesel's pecs
You got me thinking about Vin Diesel's pecs
If I had his body I would be the best
Maybe then I would finally have some sex
If I only had Vin Diesel's pecs
His pecs... his pecs...

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