Nyck Caution

"Mufasa Freestyle"


She say I'm a dog (Woof)
But she the one down on all fours
Haters talk sh*t behind closed doors
Bet they all flop like Paul George
I was getting high like nosebleeds
Cocaine white on the floorboard
New black tee with the [?]
I be coast to coast [?]
Yeah, yeah
I just want the head like Al Snow
Remember rainy downs I was down pour
Now I get the pack from the dope lord
Turned my life into a motherf*ckin’ folklore
Big Nyck, young [?]
New path bring new doors
[?] 2 4
Ayy, yeah (Yeah)
The lion doesn't sleep in the nighttime, nah
I be out late like I got an early flight time
When I touch down, dig in her like a pipeline
All gas, no brakes, not made for the sidelines
Go head first, didn't read guidelines
She [?] timelines
Seen her do the dance out west
Shaking them brand new LA breasts
Now she on the net causin’ trouble
Trying to get a pass to the bubble
Focus on the game, don't fumble
[?] under covers
Only for the fame or my brothers
Been a Young Simba like Glover
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