"TLSIA (Snippet 1)"

[Lyrics from Snippet]

[Chorus: Kevin Abstract]
I wanna minimize
I want a moment to remember time
I want a friend of mine
So crazy to me, life is still wintertime, wintertime
Wintertime when I was [?]
Tripping off, f*cking up every coat
All of my n*ggas that left me broke
All of my brothers, I feel like I'm home

[Verse: Dom McLennon]
Wintertime, wintertime
Remember when you were a friend of mine?
Remember when we couldn't get in line?
Now we the reason why they in the line
Wintertime, wintertime, wintertime
Cold tray like you do the drops
And raise the skies I need new socks
Cause I'm walking out with no shoes on, yeah
Wintertime, wintertime, wintertime
Wintertime, wintertime
The sky is fallin'
The sky is fallin'

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