"Broken Heart*"

[Verse 1: JOBA]
A broken heart is the [?]
I can't complain
No one to blame, I am sensitive [?]
Forgive me for my feelings
But when I got that feeling
I'm way too supersticious
Let me know where I went wrong
And maybe we could [?]
Have been all on my own

[Chorus: Ryan Beatty]
Hey, don't waste another minute
Gotta get the bag and then I'm in it
[?] and we finish
No way, no way
Cause no matter how [?]
Imma get all of your [?]
Imma be in love, Imma be in love, someday

{Post-Chorus: Ryan Beatty]
Someday, someday yeah, someday yeah
(Someday) Imma get it
(Someday) Imma get it
(Someday) Imma get it
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