"BANKROLL (feat. A$AP Rocky)"

They try to take that from me
Want blood they want me
They want blood they want me
They want blood they want me

[Verse: A$AP Rocky]
Bankroll, couldn't even fo-
Couldn't stay your flow
Bankroll now I got
Way too many bank calls
Fake hoes and my date rose
Walking 'round my spirit rooms
Lamps zoom, lair zoom
Sailor Moon, silver spoon?
But I ain't no oil tycoon
And if I'm God's in November
Won't see my ass on next June
And it's true
And they brought they time after noon
Tryna spoil my mood
I'm tryna enjoy my cartoons, b*tch

You ain't have many friends but you the sh*t to me
Every time you at the party it's a sea
Always had to save you from a sunken thing
Pick your place, always coming even dreams
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