Richard Rodgers

"Shall I Tell You What I Think of You?"

Your servant! Your servant!
Indeed I'm not you servant—
Although you give me less than servant's pay—
I'm a free and independent employée... Employee

Because I'm a woman
You think, like every woman
I have to be a slave or concubine
You conceited, self-indulgent libertine!


How I wish I'd called him that!
Right to his face! Libertine!
And while we're on the subject, sire
There arе certain goings on around this place
That I wish to tell you I do not admirе
I do not like polygamy
Or even moderate bigamy
I realize
That in your eyes
That clearly makes a prig o' me
But I am from a civilized land called Wales
Where men like you are kept in county jails
In your pursuit of pleasure, you
Have mistresses who treasure you
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