G Herbo

"I’m So Chicago"

I was in the street with the heat since a silly kid
And I prolly rap about some sh*t that I really did
Survival of wars with hoods only [?]
And we shooting sh*t up sober, I never needed a [?]
I'm from Chicago, I mean Chiraq, dummy
Only city with more murders than Iraq, dummy
I'ma boss, you can't even talk to me direct, dummy
Plug got exotic bowls for like five racks for me
Post traumatic, paranoid, so I might act funny
Either made it off of rap or you got Pyrex money
Got a Eastside swag so my dialect funny
If [?] was here, he woulda never hid the [?]
'Cause we gon' slide 'til it's sunny up, tie a n*gga mummy up
Fill [?] semi's up, tie the whole city up
Never gave any f*cks, you'on't get no pity, chump
Never heard of fifty dump, walk 'em down, hit him up
Take that, take that, dancin' like he Diddy slump
Want smoke? Gimme some, free, it's for anyone
Humble but I'm c*cky, scared of me like Fofty
Bulletproof the whip 'cause my son in the car seat, uh (n*gga)
Chiraq with it (Chiraq with it)
Stay on top of him like Max with it
And I'm still relaxed with it
I restore that hip-hop feeling and mix facts with it
Treat rap like my city, put that sh*t up on my back wit' it
Ain't nobody like me, guess I'm that different
Slide the chopper back, hit it
Act like I'm defensive and react wit' it
I know there real react, so I react different
Had a hundred, 18, they want a deal, I had to pack shipping
My freshmen year at high school, I was Ac' sipping
Try and cut that sh*t, I lost Max and started back sipping
Die for Pookie Slim before rap, my favourite pack sniffer
He gon' let us know it's real thrax so we can tax n*ggas
Why they posted up with racks like they dap snitches?
Ain't get killed the first time, now he back snitchin'
I got n*ggas out in MAX doing max sentences
It's G Herbo and I know all the Chiraq menaces

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