G Herbo

"Red Light (Freestyle)"

Soon as we put the duck out roll another blunt
When I was 18 I had a hundred plus
Made my Porsche truck hot and bought another truck
That was back in 2014 f*cked the summer up
Max f*cked a hundred racks up, just in Bon Ver
Bought a condo with a garage just to put cars in there
I told bro take it straight to my house I think my moms there
Where all intruders gon see sparks no alarms there
Stop at lights this b*tch feel like its parked like a lawn chair
Reaching you catch one shot to the heart for every charm I wear
Bossed up like a don yeah
150 on the arm yeah
Backyard got a pond yeah
Driveway like a barn yeah
These engines got horses
And I got endorsements
I be hearing voices
But I still make the choices
Still rocking forces
Freestyling f*ck choruses
All you n*ggas been my son should've bought abortions
Wood to my lip
Forty on my hip
Thirty in the clip
Fire this b*tch up dip
Like Im the casino man, pockets full of chip
Like Carlo Gambino man, I can get you killed (pus*y)
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