G Herbo

"Tired of It"

Gang, Gang!

I’m tired of it
Our time was precious, I done love it
You gave ur all like there’s no budget

Without ur presence, I’m lost without it

I’m feelin’ agony from em
I couldn’t believe I lost em
Remember when 88s ran up and caught em
Funeral suits, I done copped em, yeah yeah

Demons and beasts, you know I declawed em
Feelins be pullin’ me down, gotta off em
Every day wanna call em
Family & fonem, cryin’ for cronem

“Have you ever seen a gangster cry?”
“They ain’t nothing wrong when you see a gangster cry”

“Shame to cry, brody say, "Demons don cry"”
“I just wanna give up, relapse n get high”

I wanted em out, get what they deserve!
Same night, spin da block you know he finna purge

Cannot be apart, you know we gon merge
Had to stay strong and not cry we need courage
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