Knowledge lyrics


G Herbo

(DJ Pharris)
(This Chicago, n*gga)
(DJ Victoriouz with me in the building)

[Verse 1: G Herbo]
Dropped out of school, but I had knowledge
That don't make you smarter than me ’cause you went to college
It's people out here, PhDs and sh*t, ain't got a dollar
I ain’t take my SATs and sh*t, but I live better than a scholar
This dapper Gucci, b*tch, it ain't got no snakes, it ain't got no collar
My dogs always with me, b*tch, I'll let 'em loose, they don't got no collar
Gorillas with me, b*tch, naw, it ain't no snakes so it ain't no problems
I gotta change my shoes from around, got scuffs all on my Pradas
When I was eighteen, I had a hundred thousand dollars, uh
My b*tch worked at Adrianna’s, just ask why someone bought a thousand bottles, uh
Before I got with her, I was f*ckin’ on Instagram models
Security let us in the club without no frisk, made this b*tch go grra-tah
Call a doctor
Made a pin pop out my chopper
Need somebody fix my sh*t, not a doctor for them, they went with the Father
They too far gone to force sobriety on my friends, so I don't bother
These hoes gon’ go, I don't force nobody on my mans and we don't holler, uh
They see the VV's, face on CDs
Foenem f*ckin’ hoes, they got scenes on TV
Turn into Swervo, then hit repeat
They finally hear me on sh*t with Chief Keef
Opps what these is, sherbs, I chief these
What a Herb verse? A half a B
What's that? A dub, a half a key
Glitter the VIP up, all VV's
We gon' pull a dub out, throw it all, and leave (Uh, uh)
Gang gang, b*tch, that's all on my sleeve
Y'all b*tch all on me
I'm just high as could be
Lil' bro rollin' 'Lato up and pass to me
Told the promoter f*ck it, give the cash to me
We might not have the biggest yard, but the grass green
I got blue, pink money, and green
Ain't worried 'bout goin' broke, n*gga, that's the last thing

[Interlude: G Herbo & CEO Trayle]
G Swerve
I'm in this b*tch
I don't even probably 'posed to be in the stu' right now (Ayy)
Gang gang (Ayy)

[Verse 2: CEO Trayle]
Ayy, I was high off that thirty bustin', uh
Blick too big to tuck it
Let the opps in this b*tch, f*ck it
Them n*ggas ain't on nothin'
Let's go do a show in your city, f*ck it
Never see my jewelry tuckin'
Uh, I'm Lamborghini Urus truckin'
Ayy, ayy, take that 'Wood he got and stuff it
Ayy, I do not respond to Instagram criminals
Ayy, shake my hand in public, then go live and send subliminals
And that money that he got is small, you know that's the minimal
Ayy, and all these shooters at your door, but know C4 who sendin' 'em
Ayy, know all these b*tches, been in 'em
You can't ask the last n*gga what Big Folks 'nem did to him
I can't say the word murder, bro gave me a synonym
Oh, you wasn't with me in the gym
Ho, check my neckpiece, it's a gem
That b*tch know I ain't nothin' like him
I'll never leave my brother too, n*gga, ask Herb, I'm just like him
Bunch of street n*ggas in one room, we splittin' M's, I'm just like them
Ayy, I think I could be in Detroit like Eminem
b*tches tellin' all they friends they ain't had nobody as real as him
And we had an incident, somebody came in, tried killin' him, uh
He ain't even here to tell you 'bout it, I don't even remember him

[Outro: G Herbo]
Motherf*cker put, we put on a hundred and two chains
Rockin' VV's, diamond pointers, you know what I'm sayin'?
How we bomin', we in New York, b*tch
Smokin' Shelato
Shelaty, Shelaty too hotty
Foenem in this b*tch high as hell, man, they pourin' eights and sh*t still
You know they be disrespecting the drank still
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